Railsbridge Denver

Create an App!

  • Open xCode

    File > New > Project selecting single view application You will always, 100% of the time, choose Single View application
  • Configure Your Project

    Fill in your project name with: hello-iosbridge
    Fill in your organization name with: railsbridge
    Fill in your organization identifier with: org.railsbridge
    Select "Swift" under Language
    selecting swift
  • Check it Out

    Your project should look something like this project information
  • Open the 'main.storyboard' file

    A storyboard is a visual representation of the user interface of an iOS application. a blank storyboard file
  • Drag a 'label' from the bottom right onto the display

    Set the text to Hello, iOSBridge! a labelled storyboard
  • Build and Run your app in the emulator!

    Press the "Play"-looking button in the top left.
    Note: it may take a minute to build your application
    You should see it running in an emulator. The emulator is a software representation of an iOS device.
    a running app in the emulator
  • Show a TA!

    Show a TA your running application. Congratulations, you have completed the iOS installfest.

See you tomorrow!